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Houses are never truly finished. As needs change, space requirements evolve. You might suddenly have a need for a home office or a downstairs bathroom, an enlarged great room for entertaining. Or even an additional garage or a shop building.

Oregon Deck and Remodeling has designed and built many additions – large and small – over the last 40 years. We have remodeled kitchens, bathrooms, and every other room in the house.

We work hard at the outset to understand the initial need and to help the homeowner refine the vision so that the final product truly lives up to and even exceeds the vision. It is in this kind of planning that we truly excel. Our long experience provides a great backlog of ideas that we can refer to as we help you to make the plan that is right for you and your family.

In the end, we do it all, from early concepting through CAD drafting and permits, soft demo, excavation, and foundation work. We take on all aspects of the construction with our experienced team. When we need to bring in specialists, such as plumbers or electricians, we will pull from proven resources.

We recognize that large construction in or around your home is never easy. It is our goal that you not only get a great product, but that you enjoy the process as well. Call us today — let’s get started!

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