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Ipe Wood deckingIpe (pronounced EE-pay) is the finest quality wood decking material available. Ipe is an exotic hardwood also known as Brazilian Walnut has its origin in South America. Ipe woods are naturally very strong and hard, resistant to rot, weather and abrasion and insects and that’s why they make great decking material.

Another interesting characteristic of Ipe wood is its density and its hardness which is twice as dense as most woods and up to five times harder, respectively. If you are looking for an exotic wood that lasts and retains its color for a very long time, Ipe wood is your best bet.

The use of Ipe wood cut across most areas, including furniture, decking, siding, and fencing. Its long life and exotic nature are what makes it an attractive choice. An Ipe structure can last up to 40 years which is over four times as long as common pressure treated woods. If you are in search of wood lumber that is very strong, smooth, long-lasting, natural fire and rot resistance, Ipe is the right choice.

Benefits of Ipe Decking material

  1. Ipe Decking comes in Standard, Pregrooved, Ipe Tongue & Groove Porch Decking, Dimensional Ipe Lumber, Ipe Railing System, Ipe Decking Trim, Anti-Slip Profiles
  2. Ipe decking is durable because the material is one of the densest wood species on the planet.
  3. The surface of the wood is naturally resistant to mildew, insect damage, and fire, even without any treatment.
  4. When used in decking, Ipe wood is sturdy and robust. With its high density, it is no surprise it lasts as long as it does.
  5. Ipe wood is very eco-friendly. It is a renewable natural resource and usually takes up to 30 years to mature. It is generally harvested and used in most structures requiring solid wood.
  6. Ipe wood is aesthetically pleasing. Its range of colors ranges from light to darker shades of brown making it a beautiful choice for decking. It has a smooth texture and a uniform design, an ideal decking choice too.
  7. Ipe decking has a price that almost equals synthetic plastic decking material.
  8. Ipe wood has a class-A fire resistant and can withstand rot from termite more than most woods.
  9. Ipe is recognized as the best decking material because of its durability and water resistant.
  10. Ipe is a very dense and durable wood, but that may be the reason it is loved so much for decks.

Oregon Deck and Remodeling uses Ipe wood for most of their decking projects.