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Creating an Outdoor Living Space: Pros of Wood Decks vs. Concrete Patios

Before we dive into wood decks, let’s first define the difference between a deck and a patio. A deck is an open outdoor porch or platform, typically without a roof, that is attached to a house as an extension. A patio is a paved, typically concrete, directly on the ground. A patio can either be attached or detached from a house.

Now that you know the difference between a deck and a patio, let’s talk about the advantages of a wood deck, PVC, or composite deck versus a concrete patio.

  1. Wood decks can be installed on any type of land.
  2. The height of a deck is variable. If you’re searching for a view, a wood deck is what you want.
  3. Wood decks naturally absorb and retain less heat than a concrete patio.
  4. A wood deck can be painted or stained to any color you like.
  5. It’s particularly important to use wood vs concrete in spaces with a lot of ground movement and where reinforcement is necessary.

Here are other factors to consider when adding any type of outdoor living:

  • Space: The best location of an addition is off the back of the house.
  • View: Design so you can maximize a view and convenience for cooking and entertaining.
  • Versatility: Wood decks offer more versatility for entertaining and designing than a concrete patio.
  • Timeframe: This really depends on size, and intricacy of the job.
  • Maintenance: A composite deck and PVC decks is much easier to maintain than a wood deck. Concrete is probably the easiest, but you need to worry about cracking and settling.

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